Dear B,

Hi, How are you? How was your day? I’ve read all the letters you made for me, thank you, really appreciated. That made me smile, though.

So, you’re reading right now, huh? What is it? A novel or school stuff? Be good, okay? 

I just wanna say thank you for understanding me, the situation and everything. I couldn’t ask for more because it’s too much for you to do it for me. I know I made you laugh but i’m also the one who brings down all those happy emotions, I’m sorry, i’m really sorry. To be honest, i don’t know what to do right now, I really don’t know. =\

You’re special to me, you’re my very first best tumblr-friend I’ve found. No, don’t call it as a’ friendzone’ because we can’t label our relationship as of now because you told me before that we don’t need to rush things out. We’re not that stupid but we are enjoying what we have right now. 

Yes, I’m comfortable to tell you those crazy facts about me behind this screen. You’re funny, you’re crazy, you’re crazy about ** :P You’re moody and sensitive as f*ck, yea I know there’s nothing I can do about it but to calm you down, AS ALWAYS. You do random things because of your current emotion and forgot to think, please think first before you do something, ( I guess I should’ve tell that to myself before, sorry I messed up). 

Oh, this letter is getting longer. 

I just want to tell you that no matter what your looks are, I DON’T CARE, okay? I’ve already saw your pictures *I’m not gonna tell you how*. You’re always telling me that you’re kinda chubby, but remember what I told you? I like hugging someone like you :P, I love hugs, tho. And it’s not just the hugs but the whole you, because it’s you, i don’t care about anything else but the way I’ve known you from the start, you’re kind, sweet, thoughtful but a little naughty girl. :P. I’ll never be disappointed IF EVER we meet, okay? IF EVER, because I don’t have any plans to show myself. 

I’m gonna end this here.

Take care and study hard for a better future. :) *Oh, see what I did there :) 


/ sorry if there’s a typo or grammar error I’ve just type it all down without scanning it again / :)